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imagine it

Title: imagine it
Author: onlysparrows
Pairing: Hoya/Sungjong
Rating: NC-17
Length: 2.7k
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Sungjong receives something he thought he'd be waiting a long time for.

it was cold in the morning when sungjong woke up. beside him, hoya’s body was radiating heat; waves of energy seeping through his tan skin and flowing into sungjong’s body where part of his back was pressed against the sharpness of sungjong’s shoulder blade.

the other side of the narrow bed was cold, the hotel sheets still crisp. sungjong hadn’t realized how little he’d slept on them, or moved on them, instead spending both his waking and sleeping moments on the side of the bed as close to hoya as possible.

he hadn’t been worried yesterday, only excited, anticipating the time that would change his relationship with hoya massively. and maybe he had been a little bit nervous, because sex always changed things, if only just a little.

but howon had been there when the acrid cream ran out of sungjong’s hair and revealed it bleach white, and he hadn’t liked sungjong any less. he’d been there when sungjong first told him the ideal type of person he had in mind, a boy with broad shoulders and a bright smile, and he hadn’t liked sungjong any less.

so sungjong had reason to hope that their first night together wouldn’t change much, either.

now it was a bit too early to tell. there were still minutes to wait before hoya would open his eyes and they would talk and sungjong would know if things were awkward now or not. but after they’d come last night, and the seconds after the high had allowed them to pull the breath back into their lungs, hoya hadn’t let sungjong move too far away, even when the desire and need had faded. sungjong had kissed hoya softly, and hoya kissed back with an open smile.

the fall morning set icy air raising goosebumps on sungjong’s skin, but inside he felt plentifully warm and content. there was nothing to do today, which was why they had chosen last night to be the night.

sungjong silently wished for hoya to wake up soon so that he could see him properly. he moved closer to hoya, pressing the front of his body flush up against his back, and pulled the blanket higher over his own shoulders to keep in the warmth.

he looked over the freckles on the part of hoya’s shoulder that he could see, the smooth skin directly in front of his eyes. every few seconds, he would blink, and savor it when he opened his eyes again, because whenever he did, the skin was still there every time, and seeing it reassured to him over and over that hoya was there with him was a sweetly addictive feeling.

sungjong drew his hand out from beneath the blanket and rested it on hoya’s shoulder, spreading out his fingers into little arrows of space. their skin colors together were like milk and honey, pink-white and golden-beige. as he took in the sight, sungjong wondered what this exact moment would be like in the summer, when hoya would play sports outside and tan his skin even more. sungjong always stayed inside during the summer to protect his coloring. the difference in the hot months would be even stronger, and sungjong found himself feeling suddenly impatient of the time. he wanted to see.

an exhale of his breath caused the hair by hoya’s temple to blow upwards, and the corner of hoya’s eye twitched with the current. sungjong pressed his chin into hoya’s arm slightly, and moved the hand that was spaced out on hoya’s arm upwards to flatten the hair back down again, and then trace his fingers down hoya’s bumpy cheek when he was done.

the pads of his fingers dragged over stubble as he moved over the flatness of hoya’s cheek, then skimmed along his jaw just slightly before hovering his fingers over hoya’s lips.

sungjong’s eyes flicked to the mouth he was so close to touching. he loved hoya’s mouth. it was the most beautiful part of him; the rest of his features so boyish and strong while his lips were bowed and pink and perfect. they weren’t soft, they didn’t even look like it. but they were beautiful.

sungjong hummed, and drew his hand away, moving it back to rest against hoya’s chest. he wished hoya would shift so that their faces could be closer. touching was too strange, but he wouldn’t feel bad about waking hoya with a kiss.

his eyes closed, and he listened to hoya breathe, along with the sounds of sleepy shuffling from the earlybird guests in the next room. the alert for the elevator dinged. a breakfast cart rattled down a line of burgundy carpet out in the hall.

a groan vibrated in sungjong’s ear, and a deep breath suddenly rushed into hoya’s lungs, causing the hand sungjong had rested on hoya’s chest to rise upwards as hoya yawned. sungjong stayed where he was and welcomed the feeling of hoya stretching against him.

“‘time is it?” hoya asked blearily, the words muddling together through an exhale. he finished stretching and laid back on the bed, keeping his eyes closed to the early grey light in the room.

“no idea,” sungjong answered, and shifted forwards to press a closed-mouth kiss on hoya’s lips, now so easy to reach.

it was small at first, sungjong moving away after only a couple of seconds. he listened to hoya breathe in, then kissed him again, this time catching him with his lips spaced apart.

hoya tended to take a while to wake up in the mornings, and this time was no exception. for the first few minutes, his kiss was slow and detached, like his brain was a sprint faster than his mouth. sungjong didn’t mind. he moved himself so that he rose above hoya on the bed, then rested his body down on top of hoya’s, propping himself up just slightly with his left elbow so that he wasn’t a dead weight on hoya’s body as they kissed.

“i was thinking about your mouth,” sungjong whispered, breaking away. hoya mumbled something unintelligible, and blinked a few times towards the ceiling. he left his eyes open and they were clear, now. sungjong smiled, and kissed him softly again.

“now you’re awake,” he grinned.

“what about my mouth?”

sungjong laughed. he shifted his head back, watching hoya’s gaze flick around his face as he moved further away. gently, he reached his hand up and brushed it along hoya’s lower lip. rough, and slightly swollen. hoya’s mouth parted just as he moved his hand away and rested it on hoya’s cheek.

“it’s the prettiest part of you.”

“it’s too early for me to think of a witty reply,” hoya complained, after a moment of gaping.

sungjong chuckled. “good, just appreciate the compliment.”

hoya sighed and pressed down harder where he was placing a hand on sungjong’s lower back. sungjong watched as hoya thought quietly to himself for a while, his attention focused somewhere on the corner of the room. he turned to look back at sungjong with a quiet sort of expression.

“how do you feel today?”

sungjong’s grin settled into something gentler. “i’m happy,” he replied honestly.


“very much so. what about you?”

“i’m happy. and we have all of this day,” hoya smiled in reply. his cheeks flushed, and sungjong pressed his lips to one of them, then the other, then kissed hoya’s lips again.

“i’ll do anything you like,” he whispered, his voice barely a lilt over the sound of hoya’s breath. “i don’t mind.”

his breathing picked up as soon as sungjong finished speaking. hoya groaned and stroked his hand up sungjong’s back, causing sungjong to press his body even closer.

“give me some ideas.”

sungjong hesitated. he had no shortage of ideas, but this felt like too soon to voice them so confidently. so he hummed as if he was at a loss, even though his mind was brimming with thoughts.

“think it over for a while.”

hoya scoffed lightly. “you just want more time to stare at my mouth.”

the words seemed to cause an instant idea to brim in hoya’s mind, and he sucked in a sharp little breath in realization.

“what?” sungjong asked, curiosity and anxiety swirling in the pit of his stomach.

hoya pressed his lips together briefly, before moving to lean on his side on the bed, jostling sungjong out of his resting position. he situated sungjong on his back against the white sheets, and the emotion in sungjong’s belly quickly molded into something more anticipating and solid.

sungjong barely had time to push his head back into the pillow before hoya had adjusted to press his body against sungjong’s again, mimicking their pose from just moments before only this time it wasn’t halfway done, and sungjong could feel the entirety of hoya’s thin figure against his own.

barely a blink of time passed before hoya settled their lips together again, and sungjong actively concentrated on the feeling of hoya against him, letting hoya take control of the kiss. sungjong was used to the differences between their bodies, they had pressed close countless times, but there was something incredible about the sense of bare skin. last night the nerves and movement had made them both sticky and warm, but the morning brought a softness along with its chill, although it was fading into heat more and more with every kiss, like frost creeping away from fingertips on  a windowpane.

the hand that had been on sungjong’s back was now gripping his hipbone, the thumb stroking against the hollowness under the skin. the repetitive motion was tiny but it made sungjong aroused. he’d never even noticed he was sensitive there, but hoya had known.

was this fortunate intuition, or would every part of him react this way to hoya? for him? sungjong was thrilled to find out.

“that feels good?” hoya muttered in question. a small hum made its way out of sungjong’s throat, and the thumb on his hip rolled a circle into the dip before returning to the simpler movement, up and down and back again.

sungjong expressed his appreciation with a kiss, but hoya only allowed a few moments of contact before he pulled away again. “what if i kissed you there?” he asked.

sungjong’s surprised gasp must have been answer enough, as immediately after, hoya began moving his way down sungjong’s body, pressing light kisses on his torso and stomach as he went.

the hand on sungjong’s hip never moved, only slid further around sungjong’s waist to make room for the change.

it was just like one of hoya’s beautiful open kisses, placed right there where his thumb had been just moments before. the blankets fell back over the edge of the bed, leaving sungjong’s skin open to the air. the chill felt refreshing as his body heated up, and every time hoya lifted his mouth away, the wetness he left behind on sungjong’s skin attracted a skim of bitter air.

“imagine my pretty mouth here,” said hoya, and punctuated his words by sliding his lips back over the spot. sungjong groaned, feeling his arousal build up with every hint of hoya’s tongue against his skin. slowly, hoya moved his hand closer around sungjong’s side, until it was cupping the top of sungjong’s ass. his other hand reached up to find one of sungjong’s, who grasped it as quickly as he could manage.

their fingers tangled and untangled. hoya shifted away from sungjong’s hip, and seconds later, sungjong could feel the tip of hoya’s nose pressing against the space just under his bellybutton.

“imagine it here,” he breathed, just loud enough for sungjong to hear. his lips pressed against the skin, growing ever closer to the place sungjong wanted them the most. still, he was determined to suggest nothing.


sungjong didn’t have to say much of anything, for right after hoya placed another kiss below sungjong’s bellybutton, he brought his hand away from sungjong’s ass, and wrapped it instead around the base of his cock.

“oh-” sungjong managed to gasp out, before hoya slid his lips down around sungjong’s shaft, covering him in wet heat.

the quiet noises sungjong had been making in response to the kisses and touches instantly grew louder, needier. before, he had been able to think lucidly about how he was reacting, but now he had lost any idea of himself, and could focus only of the feeling of hoya going down on him.

and it was good. the press of hoya’s lips - the beautiful lips - around his cock and the slickness of the inside of his mouth as he moved sent shivers up sungjong’s spine that felt electric. little bolts of pleasure drifted up his body and formed moans in his throat, and he fumbled a hand down to tangle in the fluffy strands of hair at the crown of hoya’s head.

he’d fantasized about hoya going down on him plenty of times, usually the kind of thoughts he’d save for the times he was alone in his room or in the shower. it was exhilarating to imagine, due to the attraction of hoya’s mouth, sure, but also because of how important it seemed like it would be if it were ever to actually happen.

imagining himself sucking hoya wasn’t difficult to do. it seemed a natural thing, with their sort of coupling. sungjong would have been fine if their sex together had ironed out as expected, with hoya as the one in charge, and sungjong the more slight and malleable of the two. which it had been, last night.

but he was beginning to realize that it wouldn’t be so simple, that hoya had no inhibitions about the things sungjong had expected him to be hesitant about, and the thought was fantastic.

sungjong’s moans fell into gasps, short and patterned, as his climax encroached, and the noises he was making were more desperate by the minute. hoya continued his motions, moving up and down as he squeezed the base of sungjong’s cock gently, holding it and changing the tune of sungjong’s moaning as he did so, before letting go again.

sungjong knew he wouldn’t last long, not this first time, not after he expected to wait much longer for something like this to happen. pressing his head back into soft fabric, he pulled his hand away from hoya’s head, throwing it behind him on the pillow.

“i’m close,” he groaned, and his words resulted in a hum from hoya, the sound vibrating around his cock. for just a couple of seconds, hoya placed his free hand on sungjong’s lower stomach, where his muscles were clenching and shaking under the heat of hoya’s palm.

with a slide, hoya pulled off, and shifted his body upwards just a little bit. the hand that stayed on sungjong’s cock took over from his mouth, sliding quickly over the shaft, thumbing the tip after every few strokes.

hoya moved higher up on the bed and kissed the bottom of sungjong’s cheek on the edge of his jawbone as he stroked, and sungjong turned towards him, catching his mouth in an open kiss just as his orgasm bubbled up in his stomach. hoya swallowed his gasp and replaced it with an encouraging mutter of sungjong’s name.

sungjong came in hoya’s hand, his orgasm lasting a few more strokes and painting hoya’s hand with come. they continued to kiss as he came down from the high, panting shallowly as he did so, until he’d spilled completely and his mind was foggy with pleasure.

his body was exposed still in the cold air of the room, but he felt heavy-headed enough that he barely noticed. hoya wiped his hand on the sheet, and gathered the blankets from the edge of the bed, pulling them up to cover them both.

“good,” sungjong breathed, causing hoya to huff out a laugh. he knew a hundred snappy comebacks must have been running through hoya’s mind, but he graciously kept them to himself, instead finding sungjong’s hand in his own.

“do you need to…?” sungjong trailed off, feeling hoya’s growing hardness pressing against the back of his thigh.

“catch your breath first,” hoya replied kindly. sungjong just sighed, burying his face into the pillow.

the cold air in the hotel room was exhaled as warmth, and hoya’s lips quirked into a smile, beautiful and fond.

this was written in a tumblr text post in one siting, hence no capitals. isn't this kind of a style now, though? let's just go with it.
it's basically just me channeling my feelings for hoya's mouth into a story. because well.
i've never written smut before but hey this was fun and i might try it again sometime. uwu
Tags: hojong, hoya/sungjong, infinite, nc-17, pwp
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