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love you dearly

just give me your smile


love you dearly, that i do


So, quite simply, this is my fanfiction journal. You might better know me by the username onlysparrows, aka hwsj on Tumblr. ^^

Right now my heart is quite devoted to Hojong, and most of what I write is relevant to them, just because, by default, they are who I think of for every story idea that I get. But I'm trying to be more open-minded and accommodating with other groups and pairings, it's something I'm working on xD

I don't really post all that often. I'm a slow reader and an even slower writer and this often doesn't work in my favor. Still, I do love writing so much and I love sharing it with you and I really hope you like reading my stories, too.

Please enjoy your stay! Any and all comments are totally welcomed and sincerely appreciated. <3

- onlysparrows.

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