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come around again

Title: come around again
Author: onlysparrows
Pairing: Sunggyu/Dongwoo
Rating: G to R
Length: 600
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warnings: character death (implied) on #7, and smut.
Summary: Gyudong drabbles with the limit of one sentence per prompt.

1. angst

Dongwoo moves to Vancouver on a cold day in December, when there is so much rain it feels as if Sunggyu is drowning in it even though he's indoors, in the airport watching Dongwoo board his plane as all of the unspoken words reverberate in his head; I fell in love with you, please realize it, please turn around and don't go, don't go, don't go (Dongwoo's plane fades moments after it takes off, becoming just a flashing little light shrouded in the freezing rain).

2. au (across the universe-verse)

Sunggyu moves to New York from Jersey on a whim, and all he can afford is a dilapidated little brownstone in Greenwich that's shared by six other men; like the one dude who walks around half-naked just to show off his abs, the dancer that has decorated the bathroom in several cloying shades of purple, and the young guitarist who just tends to stare a lot - and then there's the laughing boy who takes Sunggyu by his hand as he moves in his stuff and says, "there's space in my room, I'll help you settle in," and Sunggyu thinks he might just come to love it here.

3. crack/humor

"Why is it always you?" Sunggyu asks as he watches Dongwoo piggybacking the members around the apartment (Sunggyu had been brought out of his slumber by the laughing and yelling from the hall); Dongwoo dumps Woohyun off of his back without a word and runs forward, grabs Sunggyu and hauls him over his shoulder despite the leader's loud protests.

4. future fic (this is set in canon)

Dongwoo is looking out of the window in the high rise when Sunggyu calls out to him; he moves away with a little smile and joins his boyfriend on the couch, thinking that this new 'freedom' thing is scary but at least he isn't alone.

5. first time

Boisterous laughter fills the practice room and Sunggyu crosses his arms over his chest, petulant, as Dongwoo gasps out, "it's okay, hyung, it really wasn't a bad rap for your first try!"

6. fluff

Sunggyu twirls his fingers through Dongwoo's fluffy mess of blonde hair, gently sifting through the strands - you like it, Dongwoo says, grinning wide and proud, and Sunggyu gives the hair in his hands a sharp tug in response (Dongwoo knows that's a definite yes).

7. dark-fic

"I need a reason not to do this, Dongwoo," Sunggyu breathes into the phone, and he waits for seconds and seconds but there's no reply; he squeezes his eyes shut and drops the phone, where it lands with a thud on his studio's carpet as he thinks to himself, why do you never answer your fucking phone, and lifts the shiny barrel to press against his temple.

8. hurt/comfort

The day Howon tells him he's not coming back, Sunggyu meets a boy during his shift at the café- he's a joyful person, genuineness shining through every sweet word he speaks, and though Sunggyu never properly talks to him, he doesn't feel quite so desolate by the end of his shift.

9. smut

Dongwoo always gives Sunggyu complete control at the start; he lies receptively on the bed when Sunggyu preps him and slips inside, but as soon as his own orgasm hits he flips their places and takes over, getting every moan and cry out of Sunggyu that there is to get, making sure he feels as good as he possibly can (and in the end, Sunggyu figures that has been Dongwoo's intent all along).

10. ust

Sunggyu watches Dongwoo trying on costume rings at the accessory table, stares at the way the silver and gold slips so fluidly over his slim knuckles... Dongwoo looks over and asks for Sunggyu's opinion, and Sunggyu looks down at his phone immediately, muttering, "I don't know, its not like I was paying attention."

THESE WERE KINDA HARD but really fun. ;-----;
Thanks to katbug for the pairing prompt. ^^
... and now I kind of want to write an ATU au, damn it.

Tags: donggyu, gyudong, infinite, sunggyu/dongwoo
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